Crafting a Strong Foundation: Unveiling Your Company’s Mission, Vision, and Values


In the ever-evolving business world, having a clear sense of purpose is crucial for success. This blog post will delve into the essential aspects of your company's mission, vision, and values. These fundamental pillars serve as guideposts, shaping your organization's evolution, target audience, and overall global impact. Whether you embark on this journey for the [...]

Crafting a Strong Foundation: Unveiling Your Company’s Mission, Vision, and Values2023-08-25T15:07:11-07:00

San Diego StartUp Month


This is for all you founders out there trying to survive in this crazy competitive start-up world. We’re certain you’ve spent hours and hours working on building your startup and formulating your business ideas, but now what? When thinking about growing your company, how can you decide where to begin? There are many different organizations [...]

San Diego StartUp Month2021-10-28T16:23:53-07:00

Seven Finalists Advance to Pitch at Women’s Venture Summit, Sept. 17-18, 2021


From a massaging bra for breastfeeding mothers to a virtual reality system for physical therapy, innovative startups take the stage at Women's Venture Summit, hosted by Stella Labs, Stella Angels and Ad Astra Ventures. Girls just wanna have funding and that's what's on the table at Women's Venture Summit, an annual event focused on helping [...]

Seven Finalists Advance to Pitch at Women’s Venture Summit, Sept. 17-18, 20212021-09-08T17:08:44-07:00

Continuous Support for Black Business Month


With Black Business Month coming to an end, we as a team at Stella Labs wanted to come up with ways we can cultivate a continuous impact for the Black Business economy rather than celebrating for a single month.  One of the ways we as consumers can facilitate change is through intentional spending. Middle class [...]

Continuous Support for Black Business Month2021-09-08T17:03:01-07:00

Mother’s Day Crafting Project


Looking for an idea for a fun Mother's Day craft with the kids? You're in luck! Our very own crafty mompreneur Christine Lustig, founder of Alljoy Creative, has brought us a super cute and easy project to do with the kiddos! For more fun crafts and aesthetically-pleasing goodness, check Christine out on Instagram @Studio_xtine. Love [...]

Mother’s Day Crafting Project2021-05-06T14:07:57-07:00

Spring Cleaning Your Small Business


Spring is finally in the air, and with it comes the freshening up of spring cleaning. This season, don’t just reorganize your spice rack or deep clean your carpets, look into cleaning up your business! Here are four ways you can declutter your small business. 1. Bookkeeping Ah yes, the most fun part of running [...]

Spring Cleaning Your Small Business2021-04-19T09:38:04-07:00

The Stella Team & Why We Choose to Challenge


With Women's History Month coming to a close, it is important to keep up the spirit of 'Choose To Challenge' in our daily lives. Part of that comes down to where we decide to put our expertise and knowledge into with regards to work. By choosing to work for Stella Labs and Stella Angels, our [...]

The Stella Team & Why We Choose to Challenge2021-03-31T09:37:12-07:00

3 Ways to Support Marginalized Female Founders


March is International Women’s Month and with it comes an emphasis on supporting women entrepreneurs. However, it is too often the case that marginalized groups of women remain underserved in these collective efforts. What steps can we take to support marginalized entrepreneurs? First, let’s take a step back and clarify what we mean by marginalized. [...]

3 Ways to Support Marginalized Female Founders2021-03-23T11:52:35-07:00

Meet Three Indigo


Three Indigo proves there’s room for innovation in the startup ecosystem. Ideation to a successful launch, followed by an end user demand to scale--all during a global pandemic means you’ve struck product-market fit gold. With access as their North Star and minority founders' needs baked into their very ethos, Three Indigo launched early last year. [...]

Meet Three Indigo2021-03-03T10:27:38-08:00

The Meteoric Rise of Clubhouse


With the ongoing pandemic, many of us have turned to social media platforms to feel connected to the outside world. The social media powerhouses like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow for our thoughts to be conveyed via photo, video, or text. But, has something been missing? Enter Clubhouse, a new social network centered around in [...]

The Meteoric Rise of Clubhouse2021-03-03T12:06:51-08:00
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