Stella Labs founder, Dr. Silvia Mah and The Brink at the University of San Diego Director, Mysty Rusk host a pointed conversation on:

  1. How investors are thinking about startup funding during COVID-19
  2. How startup founders can continue to cultivate relationships with investors during this time
  3. Why you might want to fundraise sooner than later

Mysty Rusk has developed programs to promote rapid formation, funding and growth of companies using non-traditional means that include angel and venture investment. To date, she’s reviewed approximately 3,000 business plans and numerous models.

Among Silvia’s many esteemed titles is Investor. She is one of the founding partners of Ad Astra Ventures, a venture group and early-stage micro-fund that supports female founders; an investment committee member of Next Wave Impact, a global social impact fund; and a founding member of Stella Angels, an early-stage female angel group.