San Diego Magazine Community Calendar 

Friday, September 16th, 2022 @ 9:00 am – 2:30 pm 

Town & Country Resort and Convention Center 


Women founders and investors are invited to join Stella’s “Mission to Money” by participating in the  ninth annual Women’s Venture Summit on Friday and Saturday, Sept. 16-17 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.  PDT. This event is an effort that has helped Stella facilitate $71 million in fundraising dollars for women led companies. 

“Women’s Venture Summit will address the conditions women are facing in a post-peak-pandemic  world, including lower workforce participation and a squeeze on funding,” says Stella CEO Raven O’Neal.  “We are serious about increasing female founders’ access to capital and giving new and seasoned  investors the guidance they need to invest in more women-owned companies.” 

After offering virtual attendance for two years, Stella will welcome individuals to an in-person event  sponsored by UBS with access to high-profile speakers, powerful panelists and inspiring roundtable  discussions. 

Lectures, discussions and workshops will cover a range of topics such as: 

  • Build Your Board, Build Your Business: Why a good board can be the secret sauce to your company’s success 
  • Giant Leap for Womankind: Closing the equity gap and building women’s wealth, power and influence
  • Mapping Your Money: Learn which funding type is ideal for your current stage
  • Investor Nucleus: Network with other investors to share insight and make deals
  • Simple Storytelling That Works: How to tell your story so a cavewoman understands
  • Vice Can Be Nice: Sin or win? Investing in sextech, cannabis and more 

The Summit will also showcase the final round of the annual summertime Women’s Fast Pitch  Competition. Held across five regions in five weeks, the finalist from each region will compete on Day  Two of the Summit and one winner will take home a $10,000 investment. Sponsored by Cooley LLP and  The Impact Seat Foundation, the annual Fast Pitch Competition offers more opportunities for female  founders to activate their ideas through structured funding. 

Link: summit/event_c1d0dcd4-f604-11ec-89ad-23c5dc84097a.html