A short list of AI tools you can utilize that won’t break the bank.
By: Stella (Rylie Jennings)

At Stella, we’re here to help founders and investors be as informed and resourceful as possible. Part of that is staying up to date with the latest in tech tools. Here’s a short list of AI tools you can utilize for under $20 a month.

Canva AI: Magic Write
Building out your SOP’s? Your pitch deck? Your one-pager?

What’s handy about the Canva Magic Write tool (a new feature presented with the Magic Studio suite), is that you don’t have to use one platform for writing, and one platform design. If you want basic writing covering instructions, technical descriptions or filler text. This tool could be your new best-friend.

If you go to the “Brand Hub” tab in your Canva paid account, you can find the “Brand Voice” section to help describe what your writing should sound like. Once you’ve added this information, the Magic Write tool can now draft out Facebook, Linkedin, Blog posts etc. while utilizing the specific “brand voice”.

Price: Included with Premium ($14.99/month)

MailChimp Email Content Generator

Do more with less. MailChimp announced in April 2023, that they have officially launched their “Email Content Generator” tool that makes drafting emails simple and comprehensive.

Choose from select features including Customer Journey Builder Next Action Recommendations, Purchase Likelihood and Customer Lifetime Value, Stock Image Suggestion and Content Optimizer which helps you as a Start-up founder make well-informed marketing decisions for your business.

Price: Included with Premium ($20/month)

Zoom AI Companion

Why is Zoom AI so helpful? It can transcribe your meeting information in real time. For the movie watchers who love their captions. This is the professional solution to staying on top of your team All-Hand to even fundraising meetings.

Smart-chapters: handy tool to help summarize key meeting segments especially for those re-watching the recording at a later time.

Join a meeting late? No problem. The AI companion will answer your questions on what you missed.

Zoom AI Companion is now included at no additional cost for customers with the paid services assigned to their Zoom user accounts.

Price: Included with Pro plan ($149.90/ year)

Asana Intelligence

What is Asana? Asana service is a web and mobile “work management” platform designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work.

If you’re looking for your company’s project management tool, one feature you can consider in your decision is Asana Intelligence.

Asana Intelligence has a smart feature that allows users to ask the platform questions such as, “Is this project on track?”, and it will give an updated report on which milestones are behind. Especially for those scaling their internal activities and have less time to analyze, this could be a helpful solution to your problem.

No separate automation required.

Price: $13.49 per user (billed monthly or you can save $$ using the annual plan)

Notion AI

We know her. We love her. Who is she? Notion.

Notion launched their AI feature, and since then has been used to organize meeting notes, summarize information, draft operations guides, marketing campaigns etc. It is a well-rounded tool for centralizing information and data.

One key feature I’ve personally found helpful using Notion AI, is creating detailed instructions on how to use other software platforms. Want to know how to add a new investor to Carta? Notion AI can pull specific instructions on how to do that.

The possibilities are endless, but Notion can be a unique data warehouse for your shareable information or strictly internal team information.

Notion even has a special Notion for Startups application where start-ups can apply to receive 6-months free including Notion AI features.

Pricing: Add Notion AI to any paid plan for an additional $8 per user per month

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